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2014 "Eleanor" Estate Red Wine (750ml)


Right when you open this bottle, on the nose you may experience a lovely, sweet citrus and cola sensation. As we let it breathe, we found it extraordinary that the complexity of this wine continued to show through. This wine is not an open book. You may pick up on dark, ripe plum and cherry on the palate or toasted caramel and toffee, all with lingering powdery tannins. You may smell thyme or fresh rain on a summer brick, or a floral dynamic that makes you want to buy roses. Regardless, we hope you find your own passion for Eleanor.
58% Cabernet Sauvignon
23% Merlot
13% Malbec
6% Cabernet Franc
Aged 16 months in barrel
French oak / 35% new
Malolactic Fermentation
Fined and Filtered
14.5% Alcohol by volume