The heart and soul we put into every bottle is not limited to wine alone.

In keeping with our deeply rooted passion for honoring tradition and family, Caprio Cellars is proud to support the tireless work of non-profit organizations committed to those same things. Since 2010, “Every Sip Changes Lives”, so pour some Caprio wine in your glass and toast to changing the world one sip at a time.

We donate 5% of all Caprio Cellars proceeds to the two organizations below. Our “focused giving” allows for a deeper connection and involvement with our charity partners.

First Story Nonprofit
Originally founded by the big-hearted people at Hayden Homes, First Story is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating partnerships and programs to provide families opportunities for affordable housing. Its Grant House Program is responsible, in large part due to financial and labor contributions, for dozens of well deserving families in Oregon, Washington and Idaho who now proudly call themselves “homeowners.” In addition to this program, First Story is also active in supporting in-need people and other organizations throughout the Northwest. You can learn more about First Story by clicking here.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Nonprofit

In addition to championing charities and causes throughout the Northwest, Caprio Cellars’ owner and winemaker, Dennis Murphy, has been a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters for several years. His devotion to both promoting and fostering essential, positive mentoring relationships between volunteers and young participants has been energetic and steadfast. As a volunteer himself, Dennis believes making an impact on the developing lives of today’s youth cannot be underestimated or under-valued. You can learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters by clicking here.

The following organizations also receive aid and contributions:

BMAC • Walla Walla Catholic Schools • Shindig • Auction of Washington Wine • Good Samaritan Hospital • Walla Walla Shindig — benefiting BMAC, Vital Wines SOS Clinic, Walla Walla Community College Institute for Enology & Viticulture Program, and Wine Country Culinary Institute.

Give as You Go

Dennis Murphy

Wine Industry Network
2021 Most Inspiring Person

Dennis Murphy, founder/winegrower has made giving a part of his life. His philosophy is based on the abundance mentality and “Give as You Go” (a motto he created and trademarked). He was recently recognized by Wine Industry Network as a 2021 “Most Inspiring Person” for supporting the wine industry and local communities.

Donation Requests

Caprio Cellars is a committed supporter of local, regional and national charitable organizations. Our focus is helping charities that help people improve their lives. Due to the increase in the number of requests we receive, only those made using the PDF form below can be considered. We require at least two months notice, and cannot guarantee a response to every request. We’ll contact you if we need additional information or if your request has been approved.

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